Removal Wall Graphic…, Apr 29, 2014 - Fighter Plane Cockpit | wwii fighter plane Spitfire cockpit, Let's Bust Their Axis! Both were slow flying “pusher” type aircraft used for spotting enemy ground positions, later equipped with weaponry. What is perhaps the most famous of all nose art, the shark-face insignia later made famous by the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers, first appeared in World War I on a British Sopwith Dolphin

With its monocoque fuselage, an opportunity to add the artwork of open-mouthed sharp-toothed and beady-eyed face was a stylistic addition the fit the aircraft well. (Above) Another Shark Mouth Nose art variation from the 112 Squadron. If you're looking for the perfect WW2 plane t-shirt, it doesn't get any better than this.

Placing personalized decorations on fighting aircraft began with Italian and German pilots. Risky or just a bit cheeky, the pin-up became a go-to design for nose art ideas.

Part psychological warfare, part self-expression of empowerment, and a display of aggression, the iconic “Shark Mouth” nose art undoubtedly deeply ingrained in today’s popular culture. In conclusion, it can be argued that nose art has become its own distinct type of folk art as it not only promoted individuality in what are normally regimented and uniformed sectors, but it also produced some of the most recognisable and iconic pieces of art that continue to be used today. Each aircraft adorned with a pin-up girl had a nickname accompanying it, Memphis Belle, Flamin Mamie and Butterfly Baby just to name a few. ©2015 Greg Reinel #reinel #art #pinupart #pinup #wwii #1940s, ​The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Aircraft Mouth Nose Art - AirCorps Art.

Nose art has its origins during WWI when German Pilots began to paint mouths under their planes used to identify friendly planes during combat, but it soon took on a life of its own. USAF KC-135 with the motto "Lets Roll", a common phrase found in nose art immediately after 9/11 (, The Warthog design found on some A-10s (Fence Check), Atlantic Queen , one of Virgin Atlantic's A340 Fleet (World Airline News). NoseArtMasks™ are made of 100% polyester Koredry Fabric.

They have violently wrenched from the Jap Air Force control of the skies over Burma and southeast China.” It’s reports like these that first injected the heroic actions of the young pilots with their fearsome shark painted aircraft into popular culture.

One such example was the prancing black horse, Cavallino Rampante, painted onto the body of the Italian ace Francesco Baracca, which later inspired the Ferrari logo. ORIGINAL EXCERPT from Sept. 2019 issue of WARBIRDS Magazine (Vol 42/No.6) Trivia Question Sept 2019, by Mark Laatsch, “Identify the Origin of the famous Shark mouth nose art used by the American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force in 1941-42”, “The fist noted mouth was on a World War I German Roland C.II.

In an article originally published in Life Magazine March 30, 1942: ”The American Volunteer Group of fighter pilots, the so-called "Flying Tigers" of Burma and southeast China who paint the jaws of a shark on their Curtiss P40s. The crew of Memphis Belle in front of their lucky pin-up ( The shark tooth design was also utilized by the Fighting Tigers. EDITORS NOTE: This article was inspired from the Sept. 2019 issue of WARBIRDS Magazine (Vol 42/No.6) Trivia Question Sept 2019, by Mark Laatsch, and excerpts from Doug Revell's excellent and concise answer are quoted in this article. This produced the Hat in the Ring of the 94th Aero Squadron and the Kicking Mule of the 95th. Nose art reappeared in the theatre of operations in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. Flying Tigers P-40 Warhawk Shark Mouth Teeth Military Aircraft Nose Art Decal - Includes 2 Mirrored Decals (SM-09) Shark mouth Decal ready to apply to practically anything. They Encountered the RAF 112 Squadron which was reequipping with the Curtiss P-40 Tomahawks (RAF) in the North African Desert. More than that, each piece of art, much like a painting hung in a gallery, tells a unique story for each individual aircraft.

To provide you the best browsing experience possible, Francesco Baracca's aircraft (finnit.reiga).

But where did it come from? The Shark tooth design made its first appearance in this conflict on the nose of Luftwaffe Bf 110s. July 1941, RAF No. Generally considered as the golden age of nose art, WWII gave rise to the most popular and well known images of nose art. The unit took the emblem to Sicily and Iraq.” (Revell).

The original written trivia question and answer is included at the bottom of this page. The USAAF tolerated the commissioning of nose art as its commanders felt it unified the crews and acted as a much needed morale booster, especially during the height of the conflict when aircraft and personal losses were at their peak. (Above) A Tomahawk from the RAF 112 Squadron with Shark Mouth Nose art. Bombers presented a bigger canvas to any would-be military artist.

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The aircraft’s nose art is part of a dying tradition that dates back to World War II when fighters and bombers were painted with pin-up girls, sharks teeth, and unit mottos.

I have also seen a mouth, teeth, and eyes on a British Gunbus (Vickers F.B.5) and various ‘faces” on Fokker DR.I and D.VIII engine cowlings.

Shark Mouth Nose Art From WWII to present-day military aircraft. An artist paints on a pin-up (pineduphair.blogspot). The USAF has allowed the painting several patriotic and reflective pieces for some of its aircraft. This particular design has proved to be a popular decoration with fighter aircraft. More elaborate designs may have required the employment of a serviceman with a background in art.

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