Earthquakes of about 6 or more on the Richter scale have the potential to destroy most buildings, depending on the proximity of the epicenter. It can occur any time so no preparation can be done suddenly to stop it. The April 2015 Nepal Earthquake: This is said to be one of the major earthquakes that has ever occurred in the recent times. Earthquakes can cause forest fires, as shocks force trees to rub each other, creating heat and sparks.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'gupshups_org-leader-3','ezslot_22',145,'0','0'])); Forest fires have been recorded after the earthquake. Man is known to influence various natural activities and earthquakes are no exception. (10) The impact in the inner layer of earth cannot be prevented but if we make efforts in the right direction its effects can be reduced. Hot lava, poisonous gases and volcanic ash come out by way of volcanic eruptions and can cause vast destruction. The seismic department studies earthquakes. While some of these have caused severe destruction, others have largely gone unnoticed.

These are mostly natural reasons however sometimes these can even be man-made. Here are essays on Earthquake of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. A wave measuring only 1 meter above the epicenter can measure a distance of 100 meters on the shores, causing great loss of life and property. Earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disastersin which the surface of earth vibrates suddenly. We must thus not panic during earthquake. Stay calm and don’t indulge in negative talks. It has been observed that volcanic regions are more prone to earthquakes that often serve as a warning sign of an impending volcano. World over, around fifty thousand earthquakes occur annually, but only about hundred of them are potentially dangerous.

(7) Manmade causes of earthquakes are nuclear tests, nuclear bomb explosion, construction of huge dams, and extraction of oil from the earth. Numerous buildings were wrecked during the event. Scientists around the world constantly try to predict the occurrence of earthquakes.

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This meansthe shivering of the ground is called Earthquake. Our planet has been affected by many strong earthquakes of different magnitude, which has led to the loss of many innocent people and caused great damage to property. Volcanic earthquakes also known as volcanic tectonic earthquakes are caused by the movement of magma.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gupshups_org-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',111,'0','0'])); This movement creates pressure and changes in the rock around the magma and eventually leads to a volcanic earthquake. As a result of this natural disaster, many buildings have been damaged and many individuals have misplaced their lives. Human activities:  Humans are known to affect various natural activities and earthquakes are no exception. Do not use elevator. A magnitude 6.2 earthquake primarily affected Latur and Osmanabad districts. Our planet has suffered several severe and mild earthquakes since centuries.

A volcano is an eruption of hot lava from the Earth’s surface, this is when the earth’s crust bursts.

Essay # 3. Here are few things you can do to lower the possibility of disaster: People living in earthquake prone areas must stay alert and prepared to handle this natural disaster at all times.

While some of these have caused serious destruction others have largely gone unnoticed.

However, even in minor setbacks, it is suggested to evacuate buildings and come out in an open area to ensure safety. Earthquake Essay 400 words: Earthquake… (2) Shivering of earth’s surface or a sudden movement is called Earthquake or the state of the earth-shaking is called an earthquake. Readingmeasured more than 7 of the intensity of the earthquake cause damage and isvery dangerous and can destroy everything.

HOW CAN WE PLAN TO CONTROL THESE RISKS? It destroyed many buildings and 9,000 people died and 22,000 have been injured during the incident. Earthquakes and volcanoes are said to be interrelated. Nuclear bombing, building of dams and mining are few such human activities that can cause earthquake. There are many effects of earthquake and may include the following; though, they are not limited to the effects mentioned here below-. As the saying goes, little knowledge is dangerous, so lame predictions about earthquakes do more harm to the people.

Earthquakes are caused by the motion of magnum or tectonic plates below the Earth’s surface. It was a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that caused widespread devastation in South Asia.

It was a sunny day outside. It occurs when the Earth’s crust ruptures. This type of earthquake is caused due to the explosion of rocks. However, even at the slightest of tremors, it is suggested to evacuate the buildings and come out in an open area to ensure safety. When caught outside in an earthquake it’s wise to stand still on a clear ground, away from any structure that could fall upon you.

target_type: 'mix' Earthquakes and volcanoes are two natural disasters caused by changes in the Earth’s surface. Table of Contents It happens when the outer layer of the earth releases energy to the outside on which we live. Earthquake intensity of 6.8 in Uttarakhand and earthquake in Uttarkashi.  Indian farmer There are plates like things which are under the surface on which we live.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes are two of the most intriguing natural disasters that can occur on earth. Essay on natural calamities like Floods, Drought and Famines . Just like many other parts of the world, India has also experienced numerous earthquakes in different areas.

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