7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Do you have any idea of the age and/or value? I will reply and give you my email address to send some pictures to. It looks kind of handmade but very ornate with a flower on the lid. The only date code i see with capital C with tear drop is 1836? Monarch Plate Brand was a trademark used by the Standard Silver Co., out of Toronto Canada in the late 1800s. The use of these symbols in American marks was utilized in order to deceive the consumer...somewhat...into thinking that it is English, or sterling, when it is neither. They give free appraisals and can tell you if it is valuable, and possibly more about ti. How resourceful, what a great transformation. Items aren't usually stamped "England" either, if they are sterling. If you go to this website, you will find the mark under PS. Alternatively you contact us 01437 766698 for further details.  Book Under that, '8/T/658' is handwritten. 1820–39) The crown above the marks could indicate that the maker was a "crown jeweler", meaning that pieces were commissioned by the crown in that year.

They use a two-digit system, along with other identifying symbols and maker's initials, but never use the number "78", that I can find. What do you make of this?

Such a clever way to repurpose old items.

Diane Cass (author) from New York on March 04, 2013: @anonymous: There was a Charles Lion in Sheffiled, but that was in the 1830's. Love these beautiful earrings and the journey they’ve been on. "Why, John has a sterling reputation". Answer: You have found a tea set that is American made. The maker's mark, the unicorn, is the mark of Mauser Manufacturing Co. Some letters can be omitted, like "J" or "V", because they are too similar to other letters. Answer: The letter "M" would be the date mark on the teapot. Question: I have a silver emblem with a lion a capital Z and a sideways anchor. keep the web-site updated with new finds. I'm truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. My wife inherited this. Once removed, the spoon heads have their sharp edges filed off to leave domed ovals about the size of a thumbnail. If you can get me a picture of the mark, I might be able to help you better. The number "0350" is a pattern number. It is possible that this is a really old piece. about 1800 Click on my name. Any details? The 1847 is popular line that was taken over by the International Silver company in 1898. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I don't know which company used that lion mark, but it is most likely American.

The letter you mention may be a monogram. It can shine up real pretty like silver, but with less luster and brightness than real silver.

Diane Cass (author) from New York on July 14, 2014: @red59rooster: Hi, your spoons and tongs sound lovely!

it very informative and much more comprehensive than I could have The number 2045 is most likely a pattern number. The mark is on the back of the cross too. E. Viners is the name of the maker. Your mark sounds like the one from Hartford Sterling Co of Philadelphia, PA (1900-1931). Is it a hot, fashionable design (Art Deco has been the rage for a number of years). Impressive work.

Could you please tell me what year it was made? 3 PAIRS OF VINTAGE STERLING SILVER SUGAR TONGS Birmingham 1899, Sheffield 1900- So interesting to see the earrings made, they tell their own story! Once cleaned and brushed, the earring acquire grey, ‘gun metal’ look.

Answer: You have a teapot that is most likely silverplate. After being dipped in oxidising solution, the silver darkens and turns black.

Answer: Are you sure they are "English" silver? The mark is odd though.

Answer: Hi, Your platter is most likely electroplated silver on copper, or some other material (sometimes brass or nickel). I'm sure that a major auction house, or museum would be VERY interested in this platter. These are gorgeous, I’d love to wear them with pride, Absolutely stunning, my lad is just studying jewellery design at uni, so this is inspirational. Answer: Without a full description of all the marks, I really can't tell you what you have. the "W&..." should have another initial as in "W & H" for Walker & Hall or "W & K" for Wardell & Kampson. Under the hinge on the lid, there is a thistle stamped followed by Sterling 956A. Click on the tiny "Contact" button under my portrait and you will see my email address. You'll have to look up the date letter on the chart for Sheffield on the Encyclopedia of Silver Marks website. As the name suggests silver sugar tong bangles are simply up-cycled sugar tongs.Each one is unique and many are antique dating back as far as early the early 1800’s. I have therefore compiled a complete list of the London hallmarks seen on sugar tongs from c1780 to 1820. Under the mark is "Made in England." Answer: It is most likely American silver, but I can't tell you who the maker is. The date letter is the letter "z", but without seeing the style of the letter, I can't tell you what the date is. Question: I bought a queen pattern 100+ silver sent by John Mason from an older gentleman on craigslist. Coin silver is still considered "solid" silver, but the actual silver content is lower, anywhere from 800 - 900 parts per 1000, instead of sterling's 925. Notice the damage to the top left of some of the duty marks, as was seen with some previous years’ marks. Whitting, London 1840s. I don't know how long he was in business. Diane Cass (author) from New York on April 14, 2015: The crown is for the town of Sheffield. I also have a pair of Gorham Heritage candlesticks with a symbol of E, then an anchor inside a shield and the last symbol is a P. I'm guessing these are silverplate? They are all marked "Made In England".

 Unusual Tongs 2 0 obj What a great idea to reuse the silver in this way. Underneath '2045' is stamped. Read the description carefully. I have an item basically like an ice bucket but with 3 ivory looking handles and underneath it has the lion anchor and old English G with sterling underneath with A3862. Beautifully decorated on spoon end, front and back. This would make a lovely gift for my daughter. Also has double eagles on each side and other designs. If you could send me a picture (please take a good close-up to make the symbols more clear) and send it to me. Diane is a lover of all things beautiful; music, art, antiques and nature. He lived from 1725 - 1803. That usually means that the rest of the necklace is sterling as well.

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