<> As another unnamed senior officer rightly observed, “No tactical plan ever survives the first encounter with the enemy. We thought when morning came they were going to do a ground assault. “US-led troops locked in fierce fight with al-Qaeda remnants,”, Gerry J. Gilmore, “U.S. The battle area occupied about 60 square miles. Joint Planning Process is a seven step, analytical process providing an orderly approach to planning at any organizational level and at a point before and during joint operations. endobj U.S. Special Forces teams were with each Afghan general to help coordinate operations. To western journalists the T-55 tanks and BMP-1 personnel carriers of General Muhammad Nasim’s command looked like a moving museum. They just kept sending them into our meat grinder. This operation was the first large-scale battle in the United States War in Afghanistan since the Battle of Tora Bora in December 2001. When allied troops searched the snow-covered mountains for caves and other signs of al-Qaeda fighters, they found several 57-millimeter recoilless rifles, an 82-millimeter mortar, some documents, and night-vision goggles identical to U.S. models. Major General F.L. He was supposed to roll in. This 17-day battle led to eight U. S. casualties and over 50 wounded. . endobj Moments later, the enemy popped back out to wave, throw rocks, then fire their mortars and heavy machine guns at U.S. troops. I think that is entirely possible. To the south, troops landed at the base of an al-Qaeda stronghold and literally within a minute of being dropped off began taking sporadic fire as they moved to cover.

Executive Summary Operation Anaconda, conducted in the Shahikot Valley of Afghanistan during early March 2002, was a complex battle fought in rugged mountainous terrain under difficult conditions. The helicopters returned one or two hours later to refuel and head out again with fresh troops and supplies.37, On 7 March, wind and sandstorms slowed allied air and ground operations, but near dusk a caravan of 12 to 15 Afghan tanks and armored personnel carriers rumbled down the main road south of Kabul toward Paktia Province and the high-elevation combat. The Battle of Takur Ghar Barry Bearak, “Taliban and War Deliver a Double Blow to Villagers,”, Jonathan Ewing, “Stiff Resistance: Coalition Forces Face Hardened Al Qaeda, Taliban Fighters,”, Bradley Graham and Vernon Loeb, “U.S.

Another 300 This placed them off of their suspected timeline and did not allow MAKO 30 with enough time to reach the, Poe’s Exploration of the Darker Side of Human Nature in the Black Cat, Hop-Forg and Fall of the House of Usher. Franks simply modified the Tora Bora tactics and sent in U.S.trained Afghans to block escape routes and do the fighting, only committing relatively large numbers of U.S. ground troops when Afghan allies ran into problems. However I am only going to discuss four out of the five errors and there are as follows: Poor Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, Underestimating, Air support had planned to bombard enemy positions for 55 minutes; however, miscommunication between Texas 14 and higher led to a short bombardment and a total of six bombs being dropped. Four were killed.15. I take exception to those folks who complain about what these people have done to get us to this point in the battlefield. The commandos were to pinpoint rebels retreating from the large target area known as Remington.7, 1/87th Infantry Regiment Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Frank Grippe said that the regiment’s initial mission was to conduct blocking positions in the southern portion of the valley south of Marzak. Commander Abdul Mateen Hassankheil, who had 1,500 men fighting in Shah-i-Khot, was one of the critics: “The U.S. does not understand our local politics; it does not know whom to trust, and [it] trusts the wrong people.”43, According to Financial Times journalist Charles Clover, in a report from Gardez, Hassankheil claimed that the beginning of the battle was badly planned because the United States relied on intelligence from Padshah Khan, who had told them that the mujahideen at Shah-i-Khot were less numerous than was actually the case.44 Khan, a powerful local commander ousted as province governor weeks before the battle after clashes with militias in Gardez, allegedly had previously provided misleading information to U.S. military leaders. They were poised to overrun the [U.S.] position. A head count showed that all but one of the team had managed to escape aboard the heavily damaged helicopter.

Support Platoon Leader Captain David Mayo of the 1/182d Infantry Regiment and his group provided security for the command and control element and conducted reconnaissance of potential resupply landing zones for the operation. <>

According to College of Aerospace Doctrine, combat operations were directed by CENTCOM under General Franks, based at MacDill AFB FL, with 2 subordinate commands, Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) and Coalition Forces Air Component Command (CFACC). U.S. forces built a complex plan to achieve this end state. As the helicopters returned safely to Bagram Air Base, the sprawling hub of U.S. military forces in Afghanistan, throngs of soldiers anxiously awaited their return.25, In addition to 7 U.S. dead, there were at least 40 wounded soldiers, of which 18 were treated and returned to duty.26 Another 9 Special Forces soldiers and 13 others arrived on 6 and 7 March at Germany’s Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, all in good condition.27 As the smoke figuratively cleared, Franks estimated that U.S. Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer Stanley L. Harriman was killed. I thought, ‘what’s wrong?’ I thought maybe I was dead.”11 Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Ron Corkran later said, “I didn’t really expect them to try and duke it out with us. And, I don’t see any comparison.”55, When asked by ABC interviewer Sam Donaldson if the U.S. troops who were attacked and pinned down by al-Qaeda fire on 2 March were surprised by the tenacity of the resistance, Franks pointed out that intelligence is an inexact endeavor. A 21-man Special Forces team was dropped off. Apparently, by 10 March, complaints from local commanders prevented Afghan tanks from going any farther than Gardez. After the first 10 minutes, al-Qaeda fighters left their caves and well-fortified positions to dump a heavy volume of fire onto the 10th Mountain Division. When the operation began, Zia ran into trouble. The operation consisted of 1,700 airlifted U.S. troops and 1,000 pro-government Afghan militia battled … 1/87th Infantry Regiment Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Frank Grippe said that the regiment’s initial mission was to conduct blocking positions in the southern portion of the valley south of Marzak. This article is based on open-source media reports as of 11 March 2002. . Joint Operations CPT Michael A. Broussard PA-C .

It happened in the Shahikot valley of eastern Afghanistan. 79 0 obj Next to be withdrawn was the 10th Mountain force. ; David Wood, “Outnumbered U.S. force rakes al-Qaida forces,”, Jim Garamone, “Allies Aggressive in Fight Against Al Qaeda, Taliban,”, Elliott Minor, “Air Force Airman Killed in Afghanistan Remembered for Devoting His Life to Helping Others,”, John F. Burns, “U.S. 550 words (double spaced) Calculate.

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