You can download the Logo & Wordmark either on white or black background. The majority of people who trust that publication will be intrigued by their recommendation. Check your email to read 7 Reasons & Conclusions Why Fintech Startups Fail.

TranswerWise’s kit gives you an extra service with the opportunity to get in contact with and researching their Press team. The Design Roast press kit is presented gradually. build the image of a liable company through your website, What is an EMI Scheme and Why You Should Use it in Your Company, The SEIS and EIS Investment Schemes, and Why They’re Different, UK angel investors: Investment groups to contact for your startup. Expensify gets right to the point and shows what they’ve been up to by listing a full collection of their recent press releases. If you make it too difficult on the writer, they may just go to your competitor and highlight them instead.

Depending on which one you choose, there is also a list of prices.. AirBnB is a well-known company with excellent original marketing. }

One thing they all do the same. Having an EPK in place also helps your startup look more professional by giving you a strong brand identity with clear messaging.

They upload everything into a dedicated folder, and link to it from their website. If a user only needs a quick image, there is no need to download the entire kit. A media kit is a specialized page or section of your website which offers informative resources for the press.

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Gusto has a simple, nice looking press kit with a heavy focus on past press coverage. They also list some of the different areas of their press kit, including press releases and other media coverage. They have three different sections on their Media kit: “Press kit”, “Logo and Brand Assets”, and “Product Screenshots”, which is convenient and well organized. A spreadsheet?

Journalists will not write about something they know nothing about so they should be able to easily find the most important information about your company.

Every press kit is unique and the contents depend on your experience and special elements of your startup. In this section you can offer reporters documents you want them to have access to. The whitepaper that started the company?

Design Roast does a good job of adding some basic “about” information on their press kit page and then offering additional details via download.

Every company, no matter what size, should have them from day one. They’ve also added a section with the personal data and contact details of their members of the staff. The more popular the publication which writes about you, the wider your exposure. Revenue doubled in the last 6 months.

Through specific examples you will see what went wrong and how it could have been avoided. You could copy quotes from review websites, or maybe you have reached out to customers to get a quote? A press kit, press page or a media kit, is all the same thing. It’s equally important to build the image of a liable company through your website. Slack's press kit ends with a note on how to get in touch, and some links where you can follow them around the web. When and how it was founded. For journalists feeling out a story idea about their company, the details on this page offer a lot of insight into advances within the company. They present their press kit as a “Fast Facts” page, which only includes some figures e.g. GiftRocket offers a press page listing mentions in other media outlets and a link to their press assets. Always visible on the press kit of Impraise, is the sticky navigation on the left side, which includes a picture, the name and contact information of the person who reporters can contact for press inquiries.

HappyFox puts their logo and wordmark right at the top of their press kit page so they are easily found by users. Interviews with your founder? Arguably one of the most important section in your press kit. Create a press kit for your startup in 5 minutes. You can talk about your company's history. I like that. The goal is to gain media coverage by sending the press release to journalists, bloggers, and influencers. However, these figures are impressive and easy to use. They make their conditions clear from the beginning. You can assist by making it more accessible.

And so on... Testimonials from your customers also provide some social proof. Treehouse offers its press kit in an easy-to-download PDF document. This is the perfect company strategy as their upcoming 10 years old anniversary will bring a lot of attention.

Visitors can also download a logo page with files in both PNG and EPS formats, which work for both online publications and printed materials. Atlassian has a section with all logos from their different software products, which is nice given that they have so many.

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Plain and simple, an electronic press kit is an essential tool for getting PR, building backlinks, and generate buzz. Mailchimp places everything on a single page, including some loose guidelines to using their images and brand name. This gorgeous media kit is actually two pages, but this is the first.

AWeber’s electronic press kit page offers different media kits for different purposes. Your press page is the key to successfully promoting your company. The following media kit examples are useful and efficient. An electronic press kit (EPK) is good for SEO because it allows people to easily build backlinks to your site. BuzzFeed simply uses an HTML page to present their latest appearances in the press and their collaborating conditions. Startup Stockpile is a blog for startups and entrepreneurs stocked (weekly) with insanely useful tools and resources you can use to start, run, and grow your business. They offer a downloadable press kit with teasers and previous media appearances so you can find the version of the story of TranswerWise you want to share. Unitel Voice offers a clean look to their press kit page. Its main purpose is to introduce them to you and your business as quickly as possible. Zendesk creates an interactive experience for their press kit. Journalists are looking for more than a text made by your marketing department. When she's not working on something creative, she enjoys walking her dog, watching HGTV, and baking up a storm. Sign up below to get our new content. Oct 20, 2020 - Press and Media Kit Examples. A demo video showing off your product? You’ll also find product photos and leadership info and headshots. Press kits are no longer only sent to professional PR or communication companies.

Examples; Features; Pricing; Register; A press kit is nothing more then a dedicated page on your website. Some of these pages are legal requirements in some countries.

This shows how to refer to the company in your publication. At TMS we value the exposure that benefits a business so we rely on professional services and good quality products, which are the keys to the success of your company.

Intercom offers assets at a glance by placing logos to the right of the download link. A few examples of some of our happy users: Having a press page not only makes your business look more reliable and trustworthy, but it also makes it easier for bloggers, journalists, and other influencers to write about your startup. The  NewsBTC (June 2018 version) press kit example is pragmatic and transparent.

They have two columns: one with press releases and one with mentions of them in the news.

The simplicity of the press kit from Unitel Voice is impressive. Learn below more about this topic in this article created by our team at TMS.

What's your goal, what would you like to accomplish? Evernote does a good job of adding a headline for press people and explaining the purpose of their page. A press kit is an essential part of your website. 1. Gusto has a simple, nice looking press kit with a heavy focus on past press coverage. Read our story.

Squarespace opens with its most recent press coverage. If you don't have time to build out an additional page on your website, you could simply put all content (images, logos, documents) into a .zip file, and offer it as a download. It's honestly not the most user friendly solution, but if you want to get started quickly, it's better then nothing, Frankly, I didn't like any of the solutions above, so I created a tool to help businesses create a press kit in just a few clicks: Website: Ren Behan Food. If you like what you see, you can sign up and create your own press kit in just a few clicks. Figuring out what to put in your press kit requires looking at your business through the eyes of a journalist. Kickstarter's press kit includes a FAQ section, to answer the most basic questions. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { It also makes it easier to convince other journalists to write about you.

This could attract new media outlets or provide journalists with ideas of what’s already been covered. 2. The first step in getting more press coverage for your company: make it easy for journalists to write about you! 4.5 mm listings, 81k cities, 191 countries and 300 mm guest arrivals. The reasoning behind that is that they are constantly adapting their press kit over time so it is well organized and useful. The Blossom press kit has interestingly dedicated an entire section to the spelling of their name which ensures that journalists will never write the Blossom name incorrectly.

To find more, you simply download their full media kit.

Have your press kit ready to go so you can grab opportunities when they come along.

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