Yet another missing kid! Call the Immediate Murder Professionals♫, [Blitzo, Moxxie, and Millie are inside of their building and Moxxie throws a grenade out the window.

Millie: Are you trying to crush his dreams, Moxxie?

Moxxie: You sit! Blitzo, Moxxie, and Millie are shown looking down on them through a portal.]. She didn't do anything wrong! Active


Blitzo: Oh shut up, kid. Nicknames Helluva Boss important that we handle this going forward respectfully. Loona: [snatches the present and throws it on the floor.] A letter "I" appears to the left of them, while a letter "P" appears on the right of them.

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Blitzo smugly waves at him, before lowering the window blinds.].



As with many demons, and the denizens of Hell in general, Stolas has a highly questionable moral compass. In "Murder Family" we see a sign in his office titled "The Blitz Show" implying he had his own routine along with being part of "The Amazing Imp Siblings".

Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode. Moxxie: Wha-- Why-why would anyone send me this? Now does anyone have any bright ideas on how we can get business drumming up again? It's no one's fault, okay? Sexual harassing BlitzoLiving in luxury. [The scene cuts to a flashback of Loona at her desk, reading a magazine called "Hellhound Monthly".

Blitzo: Look, I don't judge the boring couple stuff [Motions his hands to imply sexual activity] you do outside work hours, so don't judge me!

However, Blitzo occasionally uses the comparison as an excuse for his negligent behavior when called out on it.

I can't take this assault right now! Goetia DemonPrince [The scene cuts to a flashback of Moxxie and Millie preparing dinner in their kitchen.].

I'm taking it, because I have the worst hangover right now. Like killing people! but we'll play dumb to it, because it's hell and no one fucking cares. commercial.].

We'll make it look like suicide [Blitzo is shown electrocuting someone, Millie is shown hitting someone on the head with a mace, and Moxxie is shown strangling someone.} [pushes Moxxie away] Have you guys forgotten what service we provide? Sexuality

Moxxie: Um, excuse me, did you just fax me an ad for weight loss?

His house appears quite large containing many pictures of himself along with his clothing around him and he complains of being lonely.

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