This method of finding the island works regardless of which PDA menu the player is on, but it only works during the daytime and while above the surface.


Alien Data Terminals can be found within each, explaining the functions and purposes of the Bases. The Floating Island is fully explorable and quite hot; the temperature of the island reaches upwards of 40°C.

This article contains unmarked spoilers. Precursor Structure The Mountain Island can be fully explored on foot, featuring a small variety of flora, like Bulbo Trees, bioluminescent grass and Pink Caps as well as Speckled Rattlers. The Floating Island was also the residence of the Degasi Survivors for a small while. It is located southwest of the Aurora. Mountain Island The area in which the Alien Cache is located, The entrance to the Cache from the outside, The area where the Alien Cache is located, The entrance to the Alien Cache from the inside, One of the many Precursor Lamps found within, A view of one of the entrances from the inside, A view from a small path above the Alien Cache, The area in which the Alien Cache is found, The entrance to another of the tunnels within, The small canyon found down the side of the Alien Cache, The Canyon in which this Alien Cache can be found, The entrance to the Mushroom Forest Alien Cache, Flora and boulders at the back of the Alien Cache. Off-site lab established to study remains.

Confirmed deaths: 143 billion individuals.

Symptoms: Stage 1: Gradual immune system failure. Picking up multiple faint energy signatures on the island's surface. At the end of the path is a room with various Warper parts, including a torso that can be scanned., The former name for the Disease Research Facility was the. The exterior of the Disease Research Facility, Various fragments including panels, large chunks, and cables, Skeletons found inside and outside the brine river, An Ion Cube found in the balcony area, right next to the entrance, A small room close to the entrance containing a data terminal.

Alien Structure Each of these Alien Arch Caches is linked to the Primary Containment Facility, for the purpose of getting the ingredients for Hatching Enzymes, with the exception of the Floating Island Arch Cache, which is linked to the Mountain Island Arch cache. Subnautica > General Gameplay Discussion > Topic Details.

The island boasts a wide variety of colorful, terrestrial flora that covers most of the Island's surface. Flora. It would have most resembled the ghostray in size and appearance, with translucent skin for camouflage and forward-mounted eyes for hunting. The Arch inside links to the Mountain Island Arch. MountainIslandCaves.png|A view inside the caves. Type

It is a large landmass completely supported by Ancient Floaters located underneath the Island. Alien Thermal Plant Ghostrays, jellyrays, crimson rays and rabbit rays likely all share a common evolutionary ancestor. MountainIslandLagoonTop.png|Mountain Island Lagoon from a small cave above Keen left behind a signal for the rendezvous point at Lifepod 19.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Shows no immunity to infection - death commonly occurs within 4 days. Temperature Range The path will fork again before a bridge crossing, with each fork leading to one of the two mountaintops. It lies partially suspended by several loose-hanging cables, with several sections of destroyed cables found scattered around the perimeter of the Disease Research Facility.

Contagion was uploaded to, and spread quickly through, the core worlds. The Disease Research Facility is a destroyed Alien Base located in a cave that can be accessed from the Lost River Junction and the Mountains Corridor. It also has two entrances, the first is found in a small heap on the surface of the island while the other is found on a small ledge just above the lake in the middle of the island.

Arches Mountain Island Depth Range MountainIslandPathway3.png|Ditto, opposite side Pink Cap These will likely be exacerbated as the bacterium takes hold. While some rays have stayed within the limits of the cave systems where they first evolved, others are relatively more recent adaptations to new environments, likely the results of overpopulation. Crag Field Calculations suggest such damage would require an external percussive force in excess of 300 tons. … This article contains unmarked spoilers. Evolution: An Abandoned PDA is positioned right beneath the signal, laying on the sand. While it shares some skeletal traits with the biter and sand shark, including its distinctive double eye sockets, this fossilized specimen is significantly larger, and features unusual forearms rarely seen in aquatic species. The Disease Research Facility is heavily damaged, and unlike the other bases, is completely filled with water. CabbageStabber. It consists of Chinese Potato Plants and Marblemelons. There is a particular focus in this instance on vertebrate skeletal structures. This Alien Cache is found in a drop off beside the border with the Crash Zone in the Bulb Zone. Pink Caps and Speckled Rattlers can be found scattered along the whole Alien Cache. Alien Bases The path turns right again, with a large aquarium on the left, accessible via a broken window, housing the skeletal remains of Research Specimen Theta.

My game crashes all the time and it makes playing the game tough.

Biomes Sometimes, the juvenile Ghost Leviathan in the area can wander close to the entrance. MountainIslandLagoonUnder.png|Mountain Island Lagoon from underwater Tab

MountainIslandOverviewDay.png|Mountain Island Overview The Mountain Island also harbors the Quarantine Enforcement Platform at its northern tip.

Disease Research Facility A naturally formed rock arch on the Floating Island, The Floating Island's underwater entrance, viewed above the water surface, Various types of plants growing along the Floating Island's pathway, The Floating Island's remarkably dense vegetation, An extremely dense jungle on the Floating Island, A type of arboreal flora populating on the Floating Island abundantly, A view inside the Floating Island's small cave, The exit of the cave, leading to the Floating Island's'underwater entrance, Another path leading to the underwater entrance of the area. To reach the two mountaintop Seabases, follow the left fork on the dirt path near the beach. This Alien Cache is located within the Ghost Forest, near the border with the Northern Blood Kelp Zone. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The base was attacked and destroyed by a Sea Dragon Leviathan (which is found dead via its skeletal remains outside the base) in an attempt to retrieve its stolen egg - an event that also unleashed the Kharaa bacterium into the native ecosystem and prompted the Precursor Race to initiate their planetary quarantine by activating the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. Point of Interest The Mountain Island is a large island biome. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/subnautica: Subnautica is an open world underwater exploration and construction game. so yeah, i dont get any more radio messages or anything, i have all vehicles that can all go 900m deep so im prepared for the first base. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts These thick cables were designed to anchor the nearby facility to the surrounding cave walls.

The first is a little inaccessible.

Subnautica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Above sea level Alien Bases The Floating Island is a unique island biome in Subnautica.

The Mountain Island is characterized by rocks of various sizes and a fairly large mountain in the center, surrounded by an extensive shoreline. The cave houses several clusters of Pink Caps and Speckled Rattlers. It is located north of Lifepod 5 and is next to the Bulb Zone, Kelp Forest, Mushroom Forest and the Underwater Islands. All of the rays on 4546B have given up predation in favor of herbivorous scavenging, and use poisonous flesh to protect themselves.

The Disease Research Facility is located in the Lost River. A data terminal in this room, when interacted with, triggers the PDA to prompt the Player to perform a self-scan , which reveals the Kharaa Bacterium has spread to the skin on the player's hands. Alien Bases This Alien Cache is found in a large cave within the Floating Island. Otherwise, it's very likely your computer can't handle the game well (the engine may be designed for faster Graphics cards) and you should make sure your settings are the lowest possible before raising them, Also, for future posting, consider not using "Alien" in the title, as it can spoil the whole alien surprise for newer players, instead use "secret base", "mountain base" or simply "this base", Wow I don’t know what to say after seeing this bug, definitely not supposed to happen. Continuing along the path, which turns left and downwards, there is another Ion Cube and a small tank on the left. Planetary quarantine protocol initiated. It features many stalactites on the ceiling, with paths and trenches along them. Pandemic Development: Network error resulted in routine quarantine procedure failure. The Floating Island was the rendezvous point for survivors of the Aurora, However, only two made it: Second Officer Keen, and CTO Yu. While some of these skeletons match organisms encountered on the planet so far, most cannot be matched with confidence, suggesting either that there are species out there not yet accounted for, or that they have become extinct since these samples were collected. The Alien Thermal Plant is found inside the Lava Castle, in the Inactive Lava Zone, where it produces the power for all of the Precursor technology located throughout the crater. MountainIslandUnderwaterCaveEntrance.png|Underwater Entrance, leading to the Lagoon

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The 'alpha ray' would have evolved deep in the ocean trenches, quickly growing in line with available food supplies. Without the means at the facility to house a fully grown sea dragon specimen, it is possible the aliens sought to study instead the egg-laying and incubation process. Mushroom Forest This entry seems to reference the common peeper. The Island is a good source of edible plants, namely the Lantern Tree, Marblemelon, and Chinese Potato, which are exclusive to the Island and can be found in various abandoned growbeds. They are in varying states of augmentation with advanced technologies.

It features many stalagmites and stalagtites within.

These are called Auxiliary Arches and they correspond with a Principal Arch. So I guess the place is a bit buggy. Stage 4: Complete shutdown of executive function. Bacterial Mechanisms: Attaches to healthy living cells and mutates the basic genetic structure.

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