A key technology that could enable an electric jet may be just three or four years away, Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed Monday – and Tesla could be set to reveal some more advancements in the space soon. Tesla valvular conduits prevent air from backing up and creating resistance in the compressor turbine. Variation comes from friction with the planet carrier (reduction) or power input to the carrier and sun gear (slight overdrive). That's how it's been, that's how it's going to keep on being. In a 2016 interview, Musk said the jet would take off and land vertically. Today I just wanted to talk about things with no moving parts… in some sense. But the idea is IMHO really promising. Musk explained in September 2018 that the energy used for cruise speed is actually quite low, and the plane can depend on gravitational potential energy for the landing phase, so it doesn't need a big bank of reserve energy to return. For the electric jet, though, increases in battery density could make the vehicle dramatically more useful. Contest Notifications: Click here for the full list of 2019 winning entries. Let's just neglect, the story behind it. ( Log Out /  I favor the image of the “jam jar” design because it came up in a story I read or imagined about a polar army base and the rhythm of the pulse jet heaters made from barrels of kerosene with holes punched out of the lids. This allows for improved timing in different conditions. I eventually moved away from pulsed combustion though. But if battery technology improves and it becomes feasible to electrify a jet, it could enable humanity to transition to a fully zero-emissions transport system. The top-of-the-head thought is that, while the valveless pulse jet really does have a non-moving valve, I’ve never seen a pulse jet with a Tesla valve. Musk said in a 2018 interview that the electric jet "isn’t necessary right now" compared to electric cars. His jet is a G650ER with extended range. Thierry Marin-Martinod, aerospace and defense chief technology officer for TE Connectivity, told Inverse in July 2019 that the battery would be the first hurdle, before working out issues with voltage and regulations. Too noisy and not the pressure levels I wanted. To compensate for low torque, the turbine's output is attached to a 2-stage planetary gear transmission, featuring coaxial outputs. Finally, it may become reality. Korus shared a post that showed battery-technology firm Amprius is located near Tesla's facilities in Fremont. Click here for the full list of 2019 winning entries. This is not at all like having actual valves that close that the gases can bounce off of, or like in a valvless pulse jet where the pipe is as short, and bent back so you can harness some of the energy the exhaust; However I am a big fan of Tesla and you need to look at it in the proper context.

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