Intuitively, he would score higher with pictures of how charity actually works and how children are saved with the donations.

In the essay “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” philosopher Peter Singer addresses the issue of poverty by suggesting Americans give away most of their income to aid those in need. Singer aims to persuade his readers that they need to donate whatever money they have to spend beyond basic necessities to charity because not doing so means killing poor children around the world much like Dora in the Brazilian movie almost kills the street boy by pushing him into the hands of the organ peddlers. ” Considering Singer’s “solution” a controversial point arises between an idealistic, utopian, and morally just point of view and a realistic, pragmatic, and plausible point of view. The car may be his only hobby, the pursuit in which he engages with great zest.

Singer also fails to account for objections concerning the economic effects of his proposal.

Singer, Peter. Or merely raise funds for charity organisations? One would be forced to admit that all the progress of the world’s economy has only produced enough output so that all people can eat enough, and that’s it.

Accordingly, Singer gives a highly idealistic and utopian theory and when we evaluate both pros and cons, it becomes obvious that the obstacles outweigh the advantages. This should alert the readers that following Singer’s strategy they will only be working day and night, using their high developed-nation income to help the poor in other countries. And what exactly are the uncertainties?

Implementation of the solution would force one to produce an exact definition of what is luxury and what is not, and this is not as easy as it seems. Singer is in fact suggesting that from now on everybody in the US should start living on $30,000 so that “a household making $100,000 could cut a yearly check for $70,000” (Singer 1999). This is an important objection, and Singer skips it by implying: “Don’t care how much they steal, just keep paying them.” Singer’s main emphasis is that people should part with the money because it is wrong for them to have it when so many children are starving.

Singer, on the contrary, seems to see donations as the only viable means to end poverty.

Type: In conclusion, although Singer does have a good meaning behind his essay, he fails to persuade his audience by being too demanding. To evaluate if this is true, let us see first what the purpose of the essay is. Explain the problem, identify possible solutions and assess the effectiveness of these solutions.

Although Singer deals with morality and righteousness, one cannot help but criticize Singer’s idealism and naivety and resort to realism, practicality and plausibility. Ultimately, Singer’s utopian idea of a cure for world poverty, promises a developed, healthy, and educated world. It is important to consider and apply this method to real life and then reflect upon all the possible consequences. However, this does not address the root causes of poverty – social inequality, underdevelopment of some nation's economies, political turmoil in weak democracies that blocks economic development, and so on. Scholars His car is his only investment, his way to secure income after retirement. The picture of an old man losing his retirement funds and favourite car is far too gloomy to allure those who are eager to share a portion of their pie with starving children.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It affects educational achievement in many ways, including a non-nutritious diet and inadequate housing. Nature Vs. Nurture For centuries psychologists have argued over which plays the larger role in child development, heredity or environment. The purpose of the essay looks somewhat doubtful. Peter Singer’s argument reveals little new to the reader who has ever been thinking about poverty and difference in life standards in different nations. This, however, is the basic assumption of utilitarian ethics – one has to do what works well for other people, not just what is right or moral to do. New Labour promised to halve child poverty by 2010 and to eradicate it by 2020, (Walker, 1999). can use them for free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments. First, his solution to world poverty is questionable and thus the purpose of the essay looks doubtful to those who support other solutions. Thus, Singer’s example is repelling rather than attractive to the audience. Let Professional Writer Help You, 6000 Fairview Road, SouthPark Towers, Suite 1200, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA. For instance, a manager of the food processing factory would do better to go and help start a factory somewhere in Africa rather than keep sending them the greater part of his salary in those years. The Laws is a form. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Your Deadline is Too Short? You can get your Hammurabi was ruler of the Babylonian dynasty from 1792-1750 B. C. And is responsible for one of the earliest legal codes in history The Laws. A finance professional can debate the soundness of the decision to put all one’s retirement savings into one object as perishable as the car, especially driving it at the same time, but Bob seems determined to follow his strategy.

The school teacher is driven by the desire to enjoy luxury and hence she … ” Singer claimed that the solution was simple; “whatever money you’re spending on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away.

Bob chooses to save his car from a train even though he could have saved a child’s life by destroying his prized possession, and compares this story to Americans and their lack of donations. Westerners are interested in the success of their companies thanks to profit-sharing plans, and they are aware that upgrading their education and learning new skills will result in higher salaries and better life standards.

If Bugatti is his own investment, then his whole future depends upon it. In 2012, it was estimated that 868 million people in the world were undernourished. Analysis of “The Singer Solution To World Poverty”.

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(2016, Jun 30).

Despite his tone, I do believe the only way to overcome world issues it to work together, but unfortunately I don’t think Singer’s solution is a realistic solution to world poverty. In reality, it would be impossible for every prosperous person to agree upon what is and what is not a necessity, and if it were decided, for example that microwaves were a luxury, would the microwave manufacturers go out of business? Not everyone is able to help due to their own financial responsibilities, and it’s unrealistic people will give up most of their income for strangers in other countries. As stated in the second paragraph, he seems to be persuading the audience to donate money to charity.

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