Because it’s a mk point and I don’t think the devs would add in an item that’d waist your mk. it could be a red herring and not related to TSG at all. I have the “there can be only one” ability enabled, and it still does not work. IT RETURNED!!! Then, save enough for a 2/2 Dartling Gun, upgrade Tack Shooter to 4/2, upgrade the Darling Gun to a Laser Cannon, and have Spiked Mines by round 50. Tbh. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Make sure to be aiming the dartling so that MOABs don't make it past the ice tower. Nothing makes it through the spawn anymore, Could you provide a screenshot, I haven't been able to replicate your results, p.s. Buy a mortar put it in the corner next to the crescent so that it is court by Monkey village upgrade, upgrade to 2-3, so that camo is no longer a problem. Buy a Tack Shooter, upgrade 3/2. *See Picture. I tried military but still only 4 spectres. It's a new update thing, there's a new MK where (as we just learned as a community) if you sacrifice $100K of each category to the Temple of the Sun God AND have both the Legend of the Night (Bottom Fifth Tier) and The Anti-Bloon (Middle Fifth Tier), instead of becoming the regular True Sun God (Top Fifth Tier), it will become a much more powerful Evil Dark Monkey Thingamajig (Some people call it the Vengeful Monkey I think). I know sun god sacrifices other monkeys when built from previous bloon games, but I don't know the BTD6 rules for it. Given that I have yet to promote even one Super Monkey to level five, it makes sense that I never bumped into this.

There can be only one Monkey God, so it’s a foreshadowing of a “fight” between the True Sun God and True Vengeful Monkey. (ASAP, should be before Round 11) Buy a Spike Factory and place it in the extreme bottom-right of the level, so the only track in its range is the final chute. Round 84: The hardest round. If you check the other guy’s profile, he’s posted a video. Upgrade to 1|1 Ninja. The vengeance monkey is the superior form of the true sun god, in that it can have all four paths at once instead of the usual three. Buy a Glue Gunner, put it in the center of the crescent, upgrade it to 2-0 (Round 17), then 2-1 (Round 18). (Might be tricky to find a spot but keep trying. Buy an Ice Tower and place it between the dot and the top-left arc of the bottom-right circle.

If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Once you patch up the game and run it, you'll see that on the MAGIC Monkey Knowledge tree, one of the final tier upgrades is "There Can Be Only One".

From this point you should be pretty set you will be getting a lot of money and handling most of what is coming to you. Was the vengeful monkey ever in a game besides this one, Edit: It's real, I've tried it and it works,, I wonder to activate the MK, you have to get black borders on a certain number of maps, if not all of them (tho muddy puddles is currently impossible and #ouch can't work with the old strategy, if its still possible). If you're out of the loop, v3.0 for BTD6 just came out today. Save up and upgrade Monkey Farm to 4-2. If a player controls 2 or more monsters of the same Type, they must send some to the GY so they control no more than 1 monster of that Type. I tried the same exact config (except for the map) as the video.

*See Picture, Round 28: Upgrade to 2|0 Banana Farm and 1|0 Sniper, During Round 35: Place Super Monkey across the path from Village. (Also meaning no alchemists / villages). At least 50k in upgrades in each tower type. Doesn’t work. Buy a Tack Shooter and place it in the top-left circle, making sure the top-left spur points up the path. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. To make sure I have over $100K invested in every class of monkey, what are the classes? (Died on round 63). Third, I tried testing to see that maybe the TSG was strongest with no other towers in its range and then I put the godly 0/0/0 dart monkey in the range. IT IS THE FUCKING TRUE VENGEFUL MONKEY!!! When creating your temple of the monkey god, you must sacrifice 50,000 in at least 3 categories. Steps taken while a round is in progress are noted as such. During Round 53: Upgrade Village to 1|3 and change Super Monkeyand Sniper Target to Strong. You must have a 0/5/0 super monkey and a 0/0/5 super monkey OUTSIDE the temple of the monkey god’s range, DO NOT sacrifice them.

Buy a super Monkey next to the farm inside the village sphere and upgrade to 2-0. Note that future Spike Factory upgrades are optional mostly depending on how confident you feel aiming the dartling gun. there can be only one Super Monkeys that have been upgraded to the True Sun God can now be transformed into the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey.

True son god can have all 4 categories without vengeance. Place your Dart Monkey at the entrance path inside the circle. I got this info from Superjombombo from this video: I would definitely suggest you check it out. Tack tower across from it in the inner most circle *See Picture, Round 10 Banana Farm in top left Corner. Each player can only control 1 monster of each Type. Upgrade Super Monkey to 2/2 (Plasma Vision with Epic Range) via 2/0, 2/2. Just started adding to your defences in the little circle inside the monkey village sphere. Tips for later rounds (order not necessarily perfect, apologies there, but the concept is there): This strategy requires good shooting with the Dartling Gun, so the best advice that can be offered is to turn off Fast Forward during MOAB rounds. And in the patch notes, it said: There Can Be Only One:) So with NK not giving any details, this seems like a secret in game to be discovered. To me at least it is. Also, the buffs from the sacrifices seem to be more significant in the vengeance monkey than the TSG, but it is difficult to test this stuff because you CAN NOT create the vengeance monkey in sandbox. Spectres). 1 Tips 2 Working Strategies 3 Obsolete Strategies 3.1 Desktop Strategies 3.1.1 Alfex's Strategy 3.1.2 Jamie's Strategy 3.1.3 DVSA's Strategy 3.2 Mobile Strategy Beware of Round 77-85.

Using a different facility might not allow this strategy to work.

Mind you this guy just made his account. maybe it's a red herring and it has nothing to do with tsg. Buy a Spike Factory, put it at the end of the track, upgrade it to bigger stacks on Round 8. Upgrade to at least 2/3 (MOAB Mauler with Frags), and later to 2/4 (MOAB Assassin). After round 50, you can sell some stuff and possibly get a 2/3 Robo-Monkey or a Sun God., Beware of Round 77-85. The Dartling Gun is one of two towers that did not return in BTD6, the other being the Bloonchipper. Making a vengeful true sun god fills in the missing gap from the skipped sacrifice for the sun temple? © Valve Corporation. This set up will last you a long time. I'm fairly new to this game so I haven't really gotten to the part in the game where I regularly build tier 5 monkeys yet. Upgrade Super Monkey to 2/3 (Robo-Monkey). “There can only be one” guide Guide When I noticed the “There can only be one” monkey knowledge I had no idea what it was, so I looked it up but had to go on a goose chase to figure out exactly what needed to be done to get the vengeance monkey, so I decided to make a … OP is probably bullshitting or else he’d have posted the entire screenshot, maybe its based on random chance... coupled together with sacrificing 100k per cat, so maybe like 1 in 100 chance you get this if you follow protocol, That top part is amazing. After that, you need to sacrifice another 50,000 in ALL CATEGORIES, but this time there is a catch.

Save your abilities until the entire small first loop is full of BFBs.

If you buy a Sniper Monkey and upgrade it to Cripple MOAB, the ZOMG won't get past the first circle. They contain large amounts of MOAB-class.

With the Highlander reference, maybe saccing another T5 does something?

(Strategy will work adapted for positions on all maps that are intermediate or beginner, if absolutely needed Spectre replaced with Robo-Monkeys. Unlike the Bloonchipper, the Dartling Gun has been confirmed to be returning at some point. Buy a Banana Farm (Round 13), upgrade it to more bananas (Round 14). French Q: "There Can Be Only One" is face-up in my opponent's Spell & Trap Zone. I have the mk is it 50k or 100k? Works also with 2/5/0 and 2/0/5 super monkeys but i don't know if it makes a difference. X will be the round number displayed at the bottom of the game window before you press GO). Next build a Monkey Village in the crescent moon. Once you make the temple and add the monkeys around it to get the 50k of each type you then place the other 5th tier supermonkies OUTSIDE the range of the temple before making the true Sun God. Nothing. No other agents or upgrades were used. I searched and found this special mission from BTD5:, It's win by using a maximum of one tower each, so maybe we can try that, (Even though that wold be really easy, but who knows).

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