1. As soon as u guys get gifts open them n maintain active hit minions gobs n stuff. That way it will take a couple hours for your troops and sheriff to get there.

Additionally, all the sheriff can attack each other town(if there is no protection) and deal a lot of damage economically as well as military. Doing quests, events, carnivals. what is it and how does it work.

If the State Government is unoccupied during the State Government Battle, you can send troops to attack and occupy it. If you have more tips to share, feel free to comment below! If my town is on fire how do I put it out or can i? Click your market then choose transport, it shows you the alliance members list, choose the member you want to send it to.

Thank you. Learn how to play and you will never lose troops or your sheriff.

If Alliance A defeats Alliance B and wins back the State Government, then Alliance A should restart a new round of occupation countdown. The best way please, The best way is to use RESOURCES as you need them leaving the rest in your inventory for safe keeping lets call it your safety resources that can not be touched until your ready for them.

New to the West game?

You wana recall them fast. Keep all silver there when not in use.

And, to unlock new troops, research in the academy. * STEP 2: Choose a location in the target State and tap the ‘Move’ button.

Keep up to this limit of each rss (food, wood, stone, and iron) in your inventory, and it won’t get stolen. When told to teleport out I didn’t know what to do. Airport City: What do I need a Ground Control for. How do you level the playing field for the ones who just wanna have fun and are tired of being rolled over on by bullies???? Is that possible? This game is like other war games, but different in that you attack minions and gang of bandits instead of dragons or monsters. Angry Birds Tennis Has Been Officially Canceled.

The higher the level of your Town Center, the more resources can be conveyed. Introduction. For example: Alliance A has occupied the State Government for 2 hours but is then defeated by Alliance B. The player can acquire these materials by defeating the outlaws on the map or from the material chests, quests(VIP, Daily, Alliance). In: West Game. Were at level 15 with only level two troops.

Use these treasure maps in the blacksmith building to convert it for better rewards.

West Game Cheats: Tips & Guide to Survive the Wild West and... Grow Empire: Rome Cheats: Tips & Guide to Conquer Regions and Win Battles, Idle World by Homa Games Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide, XCOM 2 Collection To Release On Android in 2021, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night New Playable Character Announced. By maxing out the buildings level for the current Town Center level, this will help you keep your town upgraded to its maximum in all circumstances, so it’s something that I have found works best for me. Learn how to safeguard your silver and other resources.

It’s worth a shot. Range defeats Infantry The monument looks similar to a clock tower. Hi all how can I unlock a new a new sheriff please without spending £99 thank you and wish you all well. Therefore my suggestion would be that you upgrade the buildings as much as you can to be at the maximum for the current Town Center level, and whenever you make a new upgrade to the Town Center you go back and upgrade each and every building in part. Can you reinforce an alliance member being attacked while you have shield on?

MAKE SURE you have plenty of hospitals to take care of your troops!! I’m not sure if we can or can’t change to different states but maybe someone else will know. In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our West Game tips and cheats to help you build the best town in the Wild West and help you manage it like a pro sheriff. 3) Food is eaten up as you train troops.

I suggest that you take your time and find a good and active Alliance to join because it is a super important feature.

If you know more other ways to obtain gold, please share in the comments section below! Keep in mind that all heroes have unique skills – only a few of them have combat skills.

2. Most games allow you to buy a second or 3rd and I can’t find any such thing is this game. How is Hero insight used to up the sills of your hero’s I can’t find out how to use them I have 10 Hero insights too. – and gold and is say -9k then go to items, then resource on left and mine above then go to grain and hit the 10K button.

The fires will go out eventually. 3) Attack other players.

how do you leave one state to go to another. Click on it to see your rss protection level. To train more troops at a time, upgrade the barrack building. Include artillery in your attack. It will open an information screen on that building. You need to upgrade your farms higher. Here you shoot the target and earn rewards. The Alliance, who successively occupies the State Government until the occupation countdown ends, will completely rule the State Government and get the ownership of State Government officially. Don’t worry about it. principle: Some alliances have a red symbol by their town. Upgrade it to get more buffs.

Are there benefits to being in one of those departments? That’s my biggest problem too. hope this helps. Submit Here.

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