As the camera is still rolling, Joker shimmies toward it and repeats Murray’s signature sign-off: “That’s life!”. Our review: Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' questions if there's empathy for the devil, Temporary 'Joker' screenings shut-down: Police close Huntington Beach theater screenings after 'credible' threat. We have a lot of handheld stuff in the movie because we love it but we also use techniques—cranes, dollies, all this stuff, steadicam. This does cast a shadow over the narrative. Joker earned more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office while netting Sher his first Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography. After being arrested for Murray's murder, Joker smiles in the back seat of a police car at the sight of the carnage he has sparked, but he winds up unconscious after a stolen ambulance slams into the vehicle. However, I do have one question. But the nascent Joker takes it beyond next level by stabbing Randall in the neck with scissors, then repeatedly and slamming his head against the wall. Phillips and the entire "Joker" cast and crew will hit the red carpet Sunday Feb. 9 to await the Academy's decision for the film's 11 nominations. Tags:BatmanEnding ExplainedJoaquin PhoenixJokerTodd Phillips. "We thought it would be a pretty iconic moment for the movie, I didn't know the stairs would turn into sort of New York's version of the Rocky stairs," Phillips said with a laugh. The culmination of Arthur’s temper tantrum is the birth of the most serious agent of order. Throughout the film, Arthur proves himself to be an unreliable narrator with a delusional knowledge of self regarding the quality of his comedy and an entire hallucinated relationship with the girl next door, Sophie (Zazie Beetz). Joker is one of the best comic book movie i ever see I love this movie all quotes thanks this site is awesome. 'Joker' director: Film shouldn't be linked to real-life violence, Writer-director Todd Phillips says it isn't fair to link his film "Joker" to real-world violence. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. But there, I remember there was a feeling that what we had planned for the scene didn’t really make sense anymore so let’s throw a camera in there and see what happens. According to Joker 's cinematographer Lawrence Sher, who the outburst was aimed at, the whole thing went over everybody's heads because Phoenix is "such a good actor". Sher: I attack every movie probably similar to the way an actor or the director attacks it: just basically go through scene by scene and try to create an emotional arc, then create for yourself visual rules that can help bring the audience along on that emotional journey. However, in an adjacent scene of news stations replaying the killing footage, one video monitor shows him say the full phrase (not easily audible over the sea of the other monitors playing footage), laugh, then get tackled by someone. Joker was a really cool combination for us, working on that philosophy of no rehearsals, just feel it out with the actor, but also some scenes that are very planned out. It starts really wide when you see the world of Gotham with all the garbage and the hookers and the police cars and there’s all this information that you see. Then, think about the scene when he’s dealing with the signs. We’re not gonna do it in a rehearsal and then have to try to figure out how to get back there when it really counts for real. It’s funny—it was more intentional for me than perhaps overt conversation with Todd. But there are subtle things we did as far as loose rules.

and we'd be off to the side joking around or laughing about something and then we'd get back into it. From a psychological standpoint, was it difficult to present Arthur’s isolation and yet still bring the audience in enough to connect with the character? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. "But no, we couldn't have predicted this kind of run we've had.". Or, possibly Excalibur, which is another poster featured in the theater window and the movie the Waynes were watching on their fateful night in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We didn’t do that many takes and they were all in the same vein. Appearing to have no clue that the video was going to be broadcast during the interview and looking visibly awkward, Phoenix said that he was "embarrassed" by the footage, adding that it was "supposed to be private". “[Todd Phillips and I] talk about, scene-to-scene, the intent of the scene emotionally.” Warner Bros. The world is a garbage heap best left for super rats and requires a cleansing flame to rebuild again. As the Waynes retreat through an alleyway, a clown-masked individual skulks behind them. ", MORE: 2020 Oscar nominations: See the full list. “What’s so funny?” asks the social worker. It’s interesting because we didn’t set out to make a “comic book movie.” I don’t even know what that means really, but we’ve been inundated with twenty-something Marvel movies, a half dozen DC movies, so I think we now have a perception of what a quote-unquote “comic book movie” is. It just wasn’t our intent. I just one say line.

Batman shouts, "Let her go!" He's really intense as an actor, but as a guy on set he's actually kind of light.". Arthur stands up, leaving the audience (and Gary) to wonder if he was lying, but instead Arthur kisses Gary's head and lets him depart safely in a rare moment of mercy. But entering the highly scrutinized world of comic book material—in an era when fandoms are notoriously harsh to those tackling their favorite properties—presented a different challenge than, say, rom-coms such as I Love You, Man and Dan in Real Life. When Arthur is invited on Murray’s show, he initially plans on telling a knock-knock joke and killing himself. According to Sher, the prank was Phoenix's idea and was aimed at director Todd Phillips. **.

Gotham may now know Joker’s name, but the headlines and the franchise remain with Batman. 'Joker:' The teaser trailer for the Joaquin Phoenix-led movie is here. The final scene of Joker is like none other in the rest of the film.

When we said that, sort of offhandedly six months before we shot, it really held onto me. Instead, Arthur confesses to the subway killings and rails against the Gotham upper class. BuzzFeed has reached out to reps of Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips, as well as Warner Bros., for comment. That, I think, comes specifically from working with Todd on six different movies. But we did sort of say, with the Sophie and Arthur relationship, which obviously is proven to be a fantasy in his mind later in the story, there will be no handheld with Sophie and Arthur to represent.

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