Quality and in vitro fertilizing ability of cryopreserved cat spermatozoa obtained by urethral catheterization after me- detomidine administration. Finally, the medium with the spermato- zoa is collected and purified by density gradient cen- trifugation (such as Percoll® or Isolate®). To perform AI successfully in cats, the basic know- ledge of the female genital tract is required. After the collection, the quality of the semen sam- ple is evaluated by assessing the main sperm parame- ters, i.e. A breeding program is not all about making kittens. Your male will take longer to develop, mature and get his hormones.

Recently I discovered a well-known breeder purchased one of my males through what is called a back door, meaning they bought the male from another breeder and not from myself. Swanson W.F., Godke R. (1994). Free storage is eligible for multiple vial purchase, please call for details. Sperm collection in a tomcat using an artificial vagina. Zambelli D., Cunto M., Prati F., Merlo B.

Call our office for payment information for the vials of sperm and transportation fees (if applicable). Maunarch “Florina” of Amiel-Goshen – (Egyptian Mau BRONZE – ‘Female’), Ramah “Adina” – (Egyptian Mau BLACK SMOKE – ‘Female’), – Egyptian Mau Litter of Ramah Adina 11.04.2013, CH.Amiel-Goshen “Yosefa” – (Egyptian Mau BRONZE – ‘Female’), Amiel-Goshen “Arella” (Egyptian Mau SILVER female), Maus’Art “Atarah” – (Egyptian Mau BRONZE – ‘Male’), “Djeser” de Belenus – (Egyptian Mau SILVER – ‘Male’), Amiel-Goshen “Ivan” (Egyptian Mau BLACK SMOKE – ‘Male’ ), Amiel-Goshen “Independence” AKA “the Great Indi” (Egyptian Mau BRONZE – ‘Male’), Nebelung female (entire) at GCCF reg “Amiel-Neb cattery”, Ch. Theriogenology 29, 264. Call 888-951-CRYO for details. “Faithful” fdbm’ of Amiel-Neb – (Nebelung – ‘Female’), To have an Egyptian Mau or Nebelung kitten, First Name starting by the Letter “J” 2014, Egyptian Mau Bronze, Independence Amiel-Goshen, Egyptian Mau Silver la marniere Eli-Ora of Amiel-Goshen photos by L.Johnson, Maunarch FLorina official photos, studio Degonne, Pedigrees & Diplomas of our Egyptian Mau & Nebelung, Egyptian Mau Bronze Amiel-Goshen Yosefa photos by L.Johnson, Nebelung “CH.Faithful dfbm” -(‘F entire’), Egyptian Mau Bronze Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen photos by L.Johnson, Egyptian Mau Silver “gr.IC. Tanaka A., Takagi Y., Nakagawa K., Fujimoto Y., Hori T., Tsutsui T. (2000). Moreover, as it often takes a few cycles to get pregnant, you can purchase fertility treatments packages that include several cycles … So why do you need to purchase the male first?

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They may buy back unused sperm for cheaper, which allows you to purchase less costly sperm. A breeding program is not about making money. The Journal of Veterinary Me- dical Science 62, 1163-1167.

I hope this article is helpful advice for you.

Subsequently, the sperm is collected by using a urinary catheter (Buster® Cat Catheter, 1.0 mm x 13.0 cm), with its tip cut to get a shorter, open-ended ca-Figure 1. Most people start out backwards when they start a breeding program. There are many reason why you need to buy from a reputable breeder and not just because they are well known. The animals are in dorsal recumbency (up to 20 minutes after AI) with the hind quarters elevated to improve the transport of the spermatozoa into the uterus. Semen collection and assess- ment, and artificial insemination in the cat. Investigation of cervical patency and uterine ap- pearance in domestic cats by fluoroscopy and scintigra- phy. Moreover, studies published on the results obtained after AI in the cat are scarce and frequently include only a small number of animals.

eosin/nigrosin or diff-quick stained slides. Always do your homework and buy from breeders with ethics! Zambelli D., Cunto M. (2005). After castration the testicles and epididymi are col- lected and placed in a petridish. Currently, this method is probably the most practical and the least invasive procedure for the sperm collection in tomcats in daily practice. Table 2. One of the most important disadvantages for the sperm eva-. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The final steps for buying donor sperm are below: Please note that there are three forms in the package for purchasing donor sperm. A. Electro-ejaculator with a rectal probe cotaining 3 electrodes; B: Technique of electro-ejaculation in the cat (the probe is inserted in the rectum while an eppendorf tube is placed over the top of the penis to collect the semen). Luckily, you don't have to rely on your nose alone to help you find the source of the odor.

Intrauterine AI can be obtained by performing a la- parotomy and direct injection of the spermatozoa into the uterus of an anesthesized queen by means of a sy- ringe and a small needle (25G) (Tsutsui et al., 2000). Figure 2. A breeding program is selecting a breed and working within the breed to improve the genetics, personality, and all while improving type. Filliers M., Rijsselaere T., Bossaert P., Zambelli D., Anastasi P., Hoogewijs M., Van Soom A. Eli-Ora”-(‘F entire’), Egyptian Mau Bronze “IC. Tsutsui T., Tanaka A., Takagi Y., Nakagawa K., Fujimoto Y., Murai M., Anzai M., Hori T. (2000). Subsequently, the sperm is collected by using a urinary catheter (Buster® Cat Catheter, 1.0 mm x 13.0 cm), with its tip cut to get a shorter, open-ended ca-. Figure 3. Download the forms here. Recently, several new tech- niques for sperm assessment have been described in cats,such as computer assisted sperm analysis and fluorescent stainings, which allow a more detailed sperm assessment (Filliers et al., 2008, 2010). Please keep in mind that this male may need his own living quarters in order to not breed queens when queens are already with babies and too soon after birthing, weaning, etc. Ovarian and endocrine responses in the cat after coitus. (2010). Finally, the sperm quality is influenced by the season (Axner and Linde-Forsberg, 2002). (en Anglais), (GB) Diet guide for domestic dogs and cats, (GB) Science of Vaccine Damage-written by Catherine O Driscoll, (GB) Pedigree cat breeding fast becoming a freak show, (fr)These sur le Bengal, l’Ocicat et le Mau Egyptien, Amiel-Goshen Adina and Theodore in Monaco, Egyptian Mau Bronze Amiel-Goshen Independence, Amiel-Goshen Independence Egyptian Mau Bronze, IC.

What is a program?? And never house a male in a crate!

Zambelli and Cunto (2005) successfully applied a transcervical intra-ute- rine technique with the aid of transrectal digital mani- pulation (Figure 3D). In general, the results obtained after AI with fresh semen are acceptable, whereas the results after AI with frozen semen are at present poor. Transcervical catheterization and cervical patency during the estrus cycle in domestic cat. hCG (100-250 IU) on the second or third day of the estrus. Although this procedure is easy to perform, it is con- sidered invasive and unethical and is therefore prohi- bited in several countries. How to Find Cat Urine With a UV Light. Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen Photos Degonne, EU – The Russian Blue and Nebelung DATEBASE, FR- CIME"Communauté Internationale du Mau Egyptien" association (Egyptian Mau Egyptien), FR-WATERCOLOURS ANIMALIERE by Josepha Develon. Theriogenology 70, 1550-1559. Unilateral intraute- rine horn insemination of fresh semen in cats. This is totally unfair and unethical!! Subse- quently, the catheter is removed from the urethra and the semen sample is collected.

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